Size of company: Freelancer

Industry: Education

Specialist areas: Branding, marketing consultancy

The challenge

Articulate and present information about education consultancy services provided to be able to pitch for new business. Before this project, Yates Education Services did not have any marketing collateral at all so this has been a key part of their business development strategy.

The solution

As this was at the very beginning of the brand’s business journey and their first time considering marketing collateral, we created 3 on-brand marketing assets that they could use to support their networking and pitch efforts:

  • A PDF flyer outlining their services
  • A branded PowerPoint template to use in their training sessions
  • A header image/logo

In addition to designing and creating these pieces of collateral, we were able to provide additional advice about other marketing assets such as a website and social media.

These additional digital marketing assets weren’t required at this stage in the brand’s journey due to the nature of the business. Instead, we were delighted to help Yates Education Services spend their time and money focusing on the marketing assets that were most beneficial to them, rather than guessing what was most important.