Case Study: Leadership Consultancy

Increased reach by 86% and engagement by 36% by taking a more personalised and structured approach to social media content 

The client  

Our client is a leadership consultancy that supports their clients with positive business transformation for the future of work. They work with organisations to help individuals, teams and organisations flourish using their expertise in Positive Organisational Psychology. Their clients include government organisations, airports and private sector businesses who want to build teams that are more resilient and agile. 

The challenge 

Our client had previously worked with a couple of freelancers to support with social media marketing; however, they found that there wasn’t enough structure and things were falling by the wayside, particularly on Instagram.  

They wanted: 

  • A consistent and regular posting schedule on LinkedIn and Instagram 
  • Better structure and planning of social media content 
  • High quality posts and relevant curated content to raise brand awareness of their areas of expertise 

The solution 

We started by working with our client to develop a social media strategy that would achieve these goals. We then developed a process that worked with our client’s schedule to ensure core social media content was always created one month in advance, while simultaneously allowing for relevant, responsive posting. 

It was very important to our client that while they wanted to grow their audience on LinkedIn, it had to be with relevant people rather than by relying on less relevant connections. We focused on creating content within specific content pillars that would appeal to those people and our client removed irrelevant connections. Despite this, we still saw good audience growth every month. 

Another focus was on improving engagement. Our client had previously experienced a LinkedIn post go viral. Rather than trying to get another viral post, we turned our attention to improving engagement consistently across all posts, which in turn helped improve the reach of posts on all channels. 

Finally, we supported our client to share more personal posts to help the audience get to know them better. We know that personal posts resonate well in the B2B space as they are typically less common than in B2C sectors but can be challenging to share. We supported our client to make sure the copy was not an overshare and remained relevant to their content pillars. 

The bits we’re most proud of 

  • Nearly doubled the reach across all channels between August 2022 and November 2022 (increase of 86% from 9,754 to 18,137) 
  • Improved monthly reach by 36% across all channels between August 2022 and July 2023

The overall results 

  • Nearly doubled reach across all channels between August 2022 and November 2022 (increase of 86% from 9,754 to 18,137) 
  • Improved monthly engagement by 36% across all channels between August 2022 and July 2023 
  • Averaged 35 engagements on the LinkedIn company page in July 2023 compared to 4 in July 2022 
  • Increased personal LinkedIn followers by 13% from October 2022 to July 2023 
  • Increased Instagram followers by 32% from August 2022 to July 2023 
  • The best performing post on LinkedIn received 163 engagements 
  • Launched a new online service through a small social media campaign that received a total of 241 engagements 
  • Since starting our work together, the content has had a total reach of 126,341 through LinkedIn and Instagram 

“Wanted to say a big well done for this month’s social media planning. 

I think we’re really in the groove now! 

I spent 2-3 hours on my personal LinkedIn on Friday, and then only needed to spend a couple of hours on Sunday morning doing the company page posts which were much easier to review/amend. 

You’re really getting the hang of the topics, how to talk about them and how I like my posts – as well as my tone of voice.” – Client, Leadership Consultancy

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