“Catherine and her team were professional, enthusiastic and full of great ideas. Best of all, our clients instantly fell in love with them. They’re truly a fab addition to any agency team!”

Dave Vann, ABA Design

“Catherine and her team go to great lengths to understand your personal goals and motivations, and work with you to design a plan to achieve these.

In my experience, Catherine’s skills in strategy and analysis also extend to campaign execution. Every project that she and her team undertakes is delivered according to a thorough project plan and in a timely manner. She is great at articulating the vision for a project and galvanising stakeholders towards the final goal.

Finally, Catherine believes that marketing should be both fun and enjoyable, and I can safely say that this effectively sums up my time working with her too.”

Sophie Upcraft, Marketing Manager

“Wanted to say a big well done for this month’s social media planning.

I think we’re really in the groove now!

I spent 2-3 hours on my personal LinkedIn on Friday, and then only needed to spend a couple of hours on Sunday morning doing the company page posts which were much easier to review/amend.

You’re really getting the hang of the topics, how to talk about them and how I like my posts – as well as my tone of voice.”

Leadership Consultancy

“We’ve been using Freshbat Marketing since 2021 and they’ve been absolutely exceptional. They’ve helped us with our marketing strategy, they’ve really boosted our social media platforms, our following and fantastic content.

We’ve tried personnel in terms of marketing employees but it’s never been as exceptional as what we’ve experienced with Freshbat.”

Yemi Ajala, 1st Class Accounts